Build through the draft.

Nothing gets NFL General Managers more excited than acquiring draft picks. Fantasy football is no different.

Starting today, you can now trade draft picks in Sleeper Fantasy Football leagues!

Draft pick trading is available for every league type — Redraft, Keeper, and Dynasty.

You can turn draft pick trading on in League Settings from both the web and mobile apps:

Negotiating a trade

On Sleeper, all trade trade negotiations happen within the app via our modern chat interface. Simply tap on the person(s) you wish to trade with, and start a conversation.

The owner you are targeting will receive a push notification to join the chat, and both of you can discuss your needs. The goal is to come up with a mutually beneficial trade that addresses the deficiencies of both your teams.

If you don’t have the assets to make the trade happen, you can always bring in a 3rd or 4th owner as Sleeper supports multi-team trading.

Making the offer

Once you agree to the parameters of a trade, it’s time to send the official offer. To do this, simply click on the Propose Trade button and select your trade partner.

You can then pick from either players OR draft picks from this year or multiple years into the future.

2019 Update: We’re now showing the actual draft pick once you set the draft order. Example: 2019 1st Round - 1.08.

Fast forward to the draft

If all went well, your trade was accepted, and now you are the owner of someone else’s pick in the draft.

The Draftboard will reflect all picks that were traded, and clearly show which team it goes to:

Trading during a live draft

Not only can you trade before the draft, but Sleeper allows you to trade draft picks in the middle of the draft as well!

Just like Draft Day in the NFL, you can shop your 2nd and 3rd rounder to move up into the 1st round. If the other owner agrees, then your commissioner can instantly assign draft picks to both you and the other owner to reflect the new draft pick ownership.

Draft day trading is a truly immersive experience that other platforms don’t offer.

After the draft

After the draft, players will be assigned to their respective owners.

If you had more picks than other teams and ended up over the roster limit, you will need to cut down to the roster limit specified in your league settings before you can pick up players on Free Agency or Waivers.

And that’s all there is to it.

Be the enlightened manager and target draft picks while everyone else is chasing studs. Zig when they zag. Focus on acquiring as many draft picks as you can.

Trust the process.

(Screenshots taken were from the web app. Our native mobile apps have the same exact features, but designed specifically for a smaller screen size).