With what may be one of the most interesting football seasons ahead, we are thrilled to release a brand new feature that will bring your league closer than ever before!

Our brand new Voice Chat allows your league to chat with each other at any time, all from right within the Sleeper app.

No longer do you have to use your plain old league chat to communicate within the app. No more phone calls or third-party sites to help you get in touch.

The Voice chat was built to help make your Sleeper experience even more enjoyable, and give you a better way to connect with your leaguemates.

Welcome to our Lounge, where you have the ability to conduct voice chat at any time you'd like!

As shown in the photo above, the lounge has plenty of space, so everyone can join the discussion?

You can disable your microphone at anytime, too. You can also see who is muted and who is the one talking.  

This lounge is available to access at any time, and you'll always be able to see your active leaguemates in it before joining.

We definitely encourage you to gather everyone together to conduct your draft, but that's just the start.

Use this as a place to meet and go over your league's rules, talk smack, or just chat about what's happening in the NFL.

Maybe your league is witnessing a massive Monday night comeback. Hop in the lounge and start chatting about it!

Update the Sleeper app and get started today!